Helping people in their time of need

CARE UK Charity collects items of clothing and furniture no longer wanted and passes those items on to people in need. Through referrals, we support many families and individuals in the North West, who through no fault of their own, may find themselves in difficulty, with no essential household and personal items.

Helping the Afghan refugees

We are working closely with government agencies and large charities to support Afghan refugee families. The best way we can support them at this time is by providing basic household items, but for this we need funds. You can help Afghan refugee families right now by making donations to allow us to purchase new kettles and toasters, mattresses, duvets and pillows etc. School uniforms will also be needed, as will toiletries, healthcare products, and so much more. You can make a difference. Please help.

The continuing refugee crisis

Care UK Charity is continuing to provide aid through various agencies for several hundred asylum seekers in the North West. These are families brought to the UK from various countries by the United Nations under the resettlement scheme. Asylum seekers have fled their homes with just a handful of the most basic personal possessions and made difficult and dangerous journeys to get here. Any humanitarian help we can provide makes a huge difference to people who are in desperate need, hoping to start a new life here in the UK. We urgently need items such as men's clothing for 18 to 30 year olds. We have seen many an asylum seeker with nothing on their feet or just flip flops. Please raid your wardrobes and send us any good condition clothing, footwear and coats that you can spare. We would also welcome surplus stock from retailers of items such toothpastes, shampoos, etc. For a more complete list of things we urgently need, please see our Urgent Needs page.

Urgent Needs

How to get your items to us

We have four shops in Warrington and Kingsley where you can take donated items between 10am and 12 noon, Monday to Saturday. Northwich is by Appointment Only for donations. Please ring 01606 43865 to arrange a time. For larger items, our depot can take vehicle deliveries, but please contact us in advance to make arrangements. For more information about our donation stations, please see our contacts page.

Contacting Care UK

How to volunteer your time

Both businesses and individuals can help us. Share your skills with us or better still learn a new one. For details on volunteering, see our Help Us page, join our Facebook group Care UK Charity (Refugee Aid North West) or contact us by email.

How you can help us
Contact Care UK by email
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How to donate money

Whilst your donations of clothing and furniture are invaluable to us, we also need funds to buy toiletries, baby milk, duvets, and basic household items such as kettles and hotplates, not luxuries, just things which most of us take for granted. Any donation, however large or small, is very appreciated. You can make secure online donations via Paypal, using a credit or debit card,